ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation is to be congratulated as it has conducted the $25,000 President Gold Cup International Squash Tournament successfully.

Obviously there were few flaws as well during the event, which could have been avoided had federation's responsible paid heed. Especially the mal-treatment of the sports journalists should have been avoided. However the federation had improved the arrangements as compared to the last month CAS International event, which was a complete mess. Serena Hotels also deserve big round of applause for stepping forward and lending helping hand to the PSF. It was indeed helping national cause, as sponsoring back to back events is not easy job for a commercial organization.

Federation secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz and his team made great efforts on number of fronts. They worked day night for players’ visas, providing hospitability to players and arranging around Rs10 million required to conduct the event as $25,000 was only prize money.

The major front in which federation flopped was causing unwanted, undue hurdles in smooth functioning of journalists. The situation could have easily averted had federation not backed off from their promise.

It is true federation could have easily conducted President Gold Cup in much better way and could have been one of the biggest hits of country's history had they worked on providing easy entry for the commoners. The way the complex was filled pack to capacity on the final day was a treat to watch. The entire arena was buzzing with cheers and slogans and both home and guest players received there genuine share of applause from the squash-loving crowd.

Anyhow the way international players participated is a very encouraging sign and a very clear message to World Squash Federation and Players Squash Association (PSA) and now they must shun their dual policies and allow Pakistan to conduct high prize events like Pakistan Open, which was a trade mark event of the PSA calendar in which all the top players loved to take part.

Now is the time, the PSA must understand the positives of Pakistan squash and must admire and acknowledge the contributions of Pakistan towards squash at international level. Squash is totally incomplete without Pakistan. If the WSF president could be selected from India, a completely unknown place as far as producing world champions or contributions towards squash is concerned, and then the PSA and the WSF should also give some respite to Pakistan – a land of the squash world champions.

The major reason behind Pakistani players absence in top 20 is lack of international events in Pakistan as players can't improve their PSA rankings by playing in $10,000 events or $15,000 events. Pakistan was till last year was only allocated 4 PSA $10,000 events and that too with negative warning, which prevented international players’ participation in those events and badly hampered Pakistani players’ rankings and deprived them from playing against the best in the business.

Every player has to play in at least 12 PSA events to ensure top rankings in the world and it is almost impossible for the PSF to send four or five players every year for such number of events due to financial restraints. By conducting four international events in last one year, the PSF has proved that Pakistan is completely safe for all kinds of sporting activities and all the participating players from Egypt, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the USA in these events admired the security, facilities and the hospitality they got in Pakistan.

Now is the time the PSF should take former greats Jahangir Khan, Jansher Khan and Qamar Zaman onboard to take up the issue with the PSA. The PSA is left now with no option but to allow Pakistan conduct high prize money events. President Mamnoon Hussain should at least announce Rs10 million for the federation, which were spent on conducting President Gold Cup to ease burden from the federation. Nasir Iqbal also deserves decent acknowledgment as well as he had won $25,000 event for Pakistan after a gap of almost 9 years as previously Pakistani player Aamir Atlas Khan had won the same prize money event back in 2007, when he lifted CAS International event in Islamabad.