A 14-year-old rape victim demanded that the Punjab chief minister and the inspector general police should protect her from the wrath of alleged rapist, who is brother of former Punjab minister Abdul Waheed Arrain, and take action against the accused.

Addressing a news conference at Multan Press Club on Wednesday, she warned that she would commit suicide outside Multan Press Club if she was not provided with justice and her family with protection.

The girl (S) and her mother of Muaffargarh alleged that the influential accused hurled life threats as a result of which they were forced to flee their homes and live at a hidden place. She alleged that she was going back home from her school last month when her aunt got her kidnapped with the connivance of armed car riders.

“They took me to the dera of former provincial minister in 17 Kassi area of Multan where the brother of the minister and the main accused Shahba subjected me to sexual assaults. They forced me to drink alcohol and then got signed papers from me,” she added.

She said that the accused took her to the house of a woman Nagina later where another man namely Fida Hussain also allegedly raped her. She said that the Civil Lines police Muaffargarh registered a case (513/15) against the accused but the criminals were not being arrested due to the political influence of the former provincial minister.

She alleged that main accused Shahbaz was in police custody for the last eight days but police did not show his arrest. She alleged that the armed men sent by the former provincial minister harassed her family.

On the other hand, former provincial minister Abdul Waheed Arrain rejected all allegations and said that no such incident took place at his dera. “I swear that no such incident took place. It’s just a blame,” he asserted. He said that there was a dispute between two parties of Muzaffargarh and a former councillor took them to his dera where his brother asked them to settle the issue. “it was settled at my dera in presence of notables of the area from both sides,” he added.