LONDON: Reham Khan tweeted a few days back, that Satan taught black magic to people in order to cause separation between married couples.

As a reaction to this tweet, first husband, Dr Ijaz said that "Reham Khan herself performs black magic and is a witch." According to details, Ijaz said that "Reham's 2nd divorce has not been due to black magic as she herself performs black magic and is a witch."  

While giving an interview he said that he does not know from where Reham, second wife of Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, got the educational degrees and the rumors of re-connection with Reham after her divorce are totally baseless.

He further said that he had the worst days of his life while living with Reham after their marriage, wherever she went she destroyed the peace there.

Ijaz further said that "It is out of question to re -connect with Reham and he does not want to see Reham’s face for rest of his life. He also added that "Reham can take millions from PTI leaders as she can do it quite easily."