KARACHI: Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly (NA), Syed Khurshid Shah has said that the time has gone when dictators used to take over the country and martial laws were imposed as now democracy is strengthening in the country. 

Talking to media persons here on Thursday, Khurshid Shah said that all national institutions must work within their perimeters as enshrined in the constitution and avoid interfering other organization. He said all institutions needed to improve their performance to take the country out of prevailing crises.

Commenting on the PTI chief, Imran Khan’s rigging allegations, he said that PTI has become habitual of hue and cry of alleged rigging after every election and it seemed that the party would  also raise it voice of rigging despite it win.

The Opposition Leader said that Imran Khan was non-serious and still immature in politics and he will take some time to acquaintance himself with the political norms.

Khurshid Shah expressed reservations over the statement of ISPR and said that it has stirred  speculations that government and Pakistan Army were not on the same page.

He said that Pakistan was in the grip of multifaceted crises including terrorism and all national institutions needed to bring about betterment in their performance besides making joint efforts to take the country out of the prevailing situation.

The PPP leader said that the present system needed to be run uninterruptedly as betterment in it could be brought by the passage of time.

He stressed the need for supremacy of democracy and the parliament and said that it was the only guarantee for development and progress of any country.