LAHORE - As shades of winter start to slide into the early hours of the morning, Lahoris still have a lot of time to prepare themselves for the cold weather ahead. Somewhere in the middle of munching on dried-fruits, sipping on Kashmiri chai, and going for long drives on foggy roads; Lahoris would have to take some time out for some brilliant events this winter.

Organizations such as Faiz Ghar and Rafi Peer Theatre are bringing a huge array of events to Lahore, providing everyone with an opportunity to celebrate culture and arts and making this winter a memorable one.

This season kicks off with the Rafi Peer Youth Performing Arts Festival, on 19th November, which will involve music, films, plays, and dance.

Rafi Peer Theatre will also be organizing a Folk Puppet Festival, International Mystic Music Festival, and the Rafi Peer International Film Festival.

The Faiz International Festival, organized by Faiz Ghar, will involve theater performances, musical evenings, art exhibitions, discussions, folk nights and many more exciting performances.

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