Pakistan Railways’ engineering section employees staged a protest and moved a complaint against the alleged malpractice, corruption, blackmailing and rude behaviour of their officers here on Wednesday.

An application signed by 23 members of Labour Union Pakistan Railway DG Khan Zone has been submitted to Divisional Superintendent Multan against Assistant Executive Engineer Jahanzaib Khan, Senior Divisional Clerk (SDC) Umar Daraz and temporary employee Muhammad Asif.

The protesters including Saifullah and his father blamed that AEN Jahanzaib has issued 11 bogus show cause notices in view of absence of Patroller and Mate man and illegally stopped their salaries.

They said that it is traditional monthly game plan of AEN and SDC to stop the salaries and annual increments. At first, they issued notices and then tried to bargain for withdrawal of notices, they said. They have fixed bribe rate of Rs1,000 to 2,000 per employee for withdrawal of show cause notice of absentees.

“Every month, many employees have to pay to them in the shape of different mode. Umar Daraz has fixed rate of each official work in the AEN’s Office. If employees do not pay, corrupt mafia stops their salaries,” they alleged.

They also blamed that Umar Daraz has criminal background in service. Some year ago, Umar was jailed and transferred to Multan on the charge of receiving bribe, they said and added now once again, he had started his criminal activities.

They added, “His aggressive and threatening behaviour has created a scary work environment as he frequently demanded bribe on monthly basis from the employees. As many as 329 Railways officials including mate men, gang men, gatekeepers, patrollers and temporary laborers perform their duties on railway track from Kot Addu to Kashmore, monthly collection of looting money or forcibly deduction is more than three to five lac rupees from salaries and other allowances of the employees. Most of the workers are performing 12 to 16 hours duty daily without overtime allowance. Even their payment of travelling allowance (TA) of 2010 flood duty at Kot Addu and 2012 flood duty at DG Khan is still pending.”

They alleged that AEN Jahanzaib comes to office at noon daily instead of office timing. In his absence, they said, Umar Daraz deals subordinates in his wrath in the tone of AEN. Many outsiders are residing in the Railway Colony on the behalf of the corrupt mafia, they further said. Most of the residential quarters have been rented out against the Railways laws, they sadded.

When contacted, AEN Jahanzaib denied the allegations, saying the the labourers had united against him. He said that it was his duty to keep discipline and make his workforce work professionally while lazy and absentees did not like it. Therefore, he said, they spread rumours about him. However, he admitted that many outsiders had been residing in the Railway Colony. He also admitted that he usually remained out of his office due to different official tasks.