The government of Pakistan has completed the IMF three-year economic reform programme successfully. A huge amount of dollar 6.15 billion was involved in this Extended Fund Facility (EFF) programme. In recognition of Pakistan’s economic performance, the IMF and World Bank awarded Ishaq Dar as “Finance minister of the year 2016 for South Asia”. The EFF programme had helped the country to restore macroeconomic stability reduce vulnerabilities and make a progress in tackling key structural challenges. This success has been very rare in the history of Pakistan.

There is however still a need to take more difficult measures by the government to put the economic development on a sustainable path. Commitment to implement strong policies is still needed the fiscal deficit has to be reduced further. The IMF has highlighted the remaining shortcomings of the economy of Pakistan. It would be better for government to concentrate and focus on them.


Faisalabad, October 11.