The deep sea port Gwadar is supposedly to be connected through two routes; Eastern Route and Western Route. Nawaz Sharif ‘s great game becomes loud and clear for not only would CPEC Eastern Route would interconnect almost all mega cities of Punjab on one hand but the allied industries & facilities shall also be automatically constructed on the real CPEC Eastern Route as corollary for obvious reasons on the other.

And so with exception of a small portion of the Eastern Route; Havilian-Thakot Highway Section, most of the eastern route will be passed through Sindh & Punjab, right from Karachi to Islamabad. One should not necessarily raise objections against the eastern route, however the real issue is that the Western Route must also be constructed as dual carriageway, 8 lane Road, 4 each under the same standard parameters as the eastern route is being constructed, it will solve all other problems automatically. However, keeping in view the capacity and sincerity of KP and Balochistan leadership it becomes obvious who CPEC will truly benefit.


Swat, October 11.