Every year, November 6 is celebrated to commemorate those tens of thousands of Kashmiri Muslims from Jammu who were beguiled into in a vicious trap and then murdered in cold blood. Those innocent and clueless Muslims, promised to facilitate their migration to their other home – Pakistan, never saw the day again. They did not have any idea that a dark fate awaited them; old, young, children and women were butchered by the Indian army and RSS. Other than savage butchery of the RSS, thousands of daughters were raped and maimed afterwards. The daughter of Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas, a notable Muslim leader was kidnapped during the mass massacre, and later retrieved after the efforts of Sheikh Abdullah.

To add to the agony of Muslims, the doctors at the Government Hospital in Jammu were directed not to treat injured Muslims. So every effort had been made to make the life of Muslims more excruciating. The sheer bedlam that ensued is perhaps not hard to write about, but too agonising to visualise. Iqbal so astutely mourned those moments in the history of Muslims, ‘Ye Ghari Mehshar Ki Hai, Tu Arsa’ay Mehshar Mein Hai (This moment is the Day of Judgment; you are in the field of Judgments’ Day!).’

Despite the passage of 69 years, the souls of those martyrs haven’t received any solace, for neither the sacrifices of Jammu have been heeded to nor a new day has dawned in Kashmir. In fact, the plight of Kashmiris has aggravated and their woes have worsened further. The Jammu massacre offers some significant connections with the present state of affairs in Kashmir.

It’s unsurprising that the present government in Kashmir and Delhi is of those hawks whose grandparents had spearheaded the reign of mayhem and terror in Jammu. The agenda of RSS is no secret: To finish the issue of Kashmir once for all and also to alter the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

The gory incidents of Jammu cry for certain actions and explanations. Sadly, this year the government in Muzaffarabd and Islamabad showed callous indifference. Equally sad was the indifference of the media, which in Pakistan is largely independent and sizeable in number. And there is small surprise that the majority of our masses, especially our youth seem to have little or no knowledge of a massacre most foul and on such a massive scale.

This day also bags some other pertinent questions. When Kashmiris in Jammu were ensnared, by the RSS marauders under patronage of the Indian army, here in Pakistan a significant step was taken by Sir Zafarullah Khan who formulated A-Furqan Brigade and assigned the responsibility of training them to 16 Punjab Regiment, stationed at Sialkot. It’s appropriate to mention here that 16 Punjab Regiment was basically a skeleton regiment, not a regular army regiment with only a few officers and jawans. The Al-Furqan Brigade was equipped with weapons and basic combat skills and sent to Jammu border to assist the Muslims ensnared at Jammu.

Nevertheless, it is saddening not to find any mention of Al-Furqan Brigade in the annals of the history. The entombed Muslims kept on waiting for assistance of Al-Furqan Brigade stationed around 12 kms from the area where chilling butchery took place, but it never reached them. Why did the brigade not discharge its duties; to guard and guide the marginalised Muslims in Jammu to Pakistan? Where did all those weapons disappear? Why wasn’t there any inquiry into the role of Al-Furqan Brigade conducted? These questions will keep on haunting historians and urging the students of history to discover their answers.

The plight of the people of Kashmir has been compounded further, since BJP is in power; it is advancing the barbaric agenda of its forefathers with impunity. The last 124 days since the martyrdom of Burhan Wani has been the worst in the history of Kashmir. The brutalities of more than one million Indian military and paramilitary forces have unleashed a macabre bloodbath on innocent civilians.

However, the resilience of Kashmiri people has found new spirit. November 6, calls for some very urgent measures. Those martyrs of Jammu should not be forgotten too soon. The current struggle owes a great deal to those unsung heroes and dwellers of unknown graves in Jammu.

The global community should realise that RSS believes in genocide and elimination of Muslims from Jammu. In fact, RSS wouldn’t hesitate to achieve its unholy goals, even while treading on the skeletons of Kashmiris.

The writer is a freelance columnist.

In fact, RSS wouldn’t hesitate to achieve its unholy goals, even while treading on the skeletons of Kashmiris.