Punjab’s smaller cities are neglected to a deplorable extent. The problem bedevilling Muzaffargarh city is the ill-conceived layout of Wapda’s 11kv distribution lines originally erected imprudently 50 years ago without taking into account the future expansion needs of the city especially on its eastern side, as a result of which city’s population cannot expand to the other side. The11kv lines, for example, pass over the seven houses of our locality Chah Chashma on Alipur Road, and although a lot of residential land is still laying empty, other people cannot build their houses here due to those 11kv overhanging lines.

Despite all our appeals to the ministers and the Chief Minister, Mepco people demand heavy sums for shifting them to their proper place. And we continue to live under constant threat to our lives because of unsafe wiring. The government is requested to build an overhead bridge on Multan Road, and also order WAPDA/MEPCO to shift the above-mentioned 11kv lines to the roadside. Even if they are removed completely, it will make no difference to anyone as another parallel line exists here to supplant its function.


Muzaffargarh, October 11.