KARACHI - The government attaches highest importance to the media because print and electronic media are disseminating vital information to people and educating them about different social issues, says an official of the Sindh government.

Imran Ata Soomro, secretary to the government of Sindh, said this during his visit to the CPNE office here on Friday. He held a formal meeting with CPNE Vice President Aamir Mahmood and other office bearers of the body. He assured the apex body that all its genuine issues would be resolved soon.

CPNE members discussed with Soomro various issues facing the print media in general. Soomro said the government would look into all issues raised by the CPNE office bearers.

He praised the print media for leaving a positive impact on the society. He said the CPNE and the information department should have a good working relationship. He said that impartiality should be the cornerstone of the media policy.