JERUSALEM/paris - US president-elect Donald Trump pledged Friday to work for a "just, lasting peace" between Israel and the Palestinians, in his first public message on the issue since his upset victory.

"I believe that my administration can play a significant role in helping the parties to achieve a just, lasting peace," Trump said in a message published by the Israel Hayom newspaper. He also said that any peace deal "must be negotiated between the parties themselves, and not imposed on them by others".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama have had frosty relations for much of the past eight years, but initial indications are that Trump's victory could see a warming of personal relations.

"Israel and America share so many of the same values, such as freedom of speech, freedom of worship and the importance of creating opportunities for all citizens to pursue their dreams," Trump's Israel Hayom message said. "Israel is the one true democracy and defender of human rights in the Middle East and a beacon of hope to countless people."

Meanwhile, US president-elect Donald Trump and French President Francois Hollande vowed in a telephone call Friday to try "clarify positions" on potentially thorny issues including climate change, French presidential sources said.

In a first call lasting 7-8 minutes the two leaders discussed the fight against terrorism, the battle against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the Paris climate accord, a French presidential source told AFP.

The two men expressed a "desire to work together," the source added. Climate change denier Trump has caused alarm in France by pledging to withdraw from the landmark deal to tackle global warming struck in Paris in December 2015.

Hollande and Trump sought common ground, emphasising the friendship between their countries and the "history and values" they share, the source said.

"Donald Trump has been elected. My duty is to ensure that we have the best relations but on the basis of frankness and clarity," Hollande told France 2 television earlier.

Moreover, the President-elect said Friday he would use the Veterans Day holiday to focus on the imposing task of forming a new administration, saying he will soon be making "very important" decisions about who will help him govern.

"Busy day planned in New York," the Republican billionaire posted on Twitter regarding his transition process, which has been cranking up to full speed since he won the presidency in a shock upset over Democrat Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

"Will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government!"

Trump has about 70 days to put together a 15-member cabinet, and the names of several of his close advisors have been mentioned as options to fill key posts.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is heading the transition team, and he is believed to be in the running for attorney general, along with former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

On Thursday, the Trump campaign floated the idea of JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon as Treasury secretary, while former House speaker Newt Gingrich was being discussed as Trump's potential White House chief of staff.

Trump assumes the presidency on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, and President Barack Obama has stressed that one of his main priorities is to assure a peaceful and smooth transition of power.