Through the column in your esteemed newspaper, I would like to bring the attention of concerned authorities towards the rampant drug addiction in Hub. One can find a large number of young people begging on roadsides in order satisfy their need for drugs. It is said that youth of today is the future of tomorrow. Unfortunately, the curse of drug addiction has gripped a reasonable portion of youth today. The prevalent drug addiction in Hub is not less than adversity of people.  

The sons who are expected to be the tower of strength for their parents in their old age are dependent on their old and poor parents. Such drug addicts are not considered the parts of society and have no respect in the community. Drug addicts only live for their satisfaction of drugs without considering what life has to offer. They run away from responsibilities and don’t think of anything else in their lives. They live the life of dependency, slavery and die a death without anyone around attending them. 

Drug addiction emerges out of depression and despair. The biggest cause of depression of youth today is joblessness. They find it hard to meet the needs of daily life, and get addicted to such lethal drugs. Unemployment leads to such more hideous activities. The eradication of unemployment is eradication of drug addiction. 

Concerned authorities are requested to look into this matter seriously in order to save thousands of lives. 


Hub Chowki, October 22.