I was born and bred in Karachi. The city was once known for its lights, cultural diversity and the cheapest living in Pakistan. After independence it was the capital of our country and later became the capital of Sindh. No one really knew that in coming years Karachi would become the most lawless and dangerous city of Pakistan. Here, I am going to share a few of my personal experiences especially with those living in Lahore as it is the second most populated city of Pakistan.

There is a saying by the famous Jodi Rell that, “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” The worst dilemma of Karachi is security in all the fields of life. The state and government of Sindh both failed to provide a secure environment to its citizens.

A few days back when my sister was on her way to college with her friends, a motorbike came and the mugger snatched their mobile phones, bags and the only thing left was their veils. I rushed to the local police station but they refused to register an FIR by saying in their sarcastic tone “Yahan koi cheez wapis nahi aati.” I felt miserable and came back.

A month later, on the 8th of Muharram when pillion riding was banned, at 8:15pm while I was returning from work, two armed men openly snatched my mobile phone and wallet from me. It was unbearable this time. I knocked the door of law enforcement agencies and registered my complaint to the Rangers’ helpline, One Five and CPLC. After two days, I went to CPLC office and asked them whether my phone could be traced by any mean. But all was in vein. That day for the first time I wished to leave Karachi. There was no hope of any justice and a secure life.

Clearly, hundreds of such cases happen every day all over in Pakistan. I have never been into any kind of political affiliation and it is the same even now. In fact, I am one hopeless citizen of Karachi.

Recently, I was ranting and discussing my incidents with a friend who is in Lahore for a PITB project. He told me about how things are totally different in Lahore due to the measures taken by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to ensure the safety of the citizens. He even explained how it is the chief minister's personal efforts and monitoring that made a revival of international games in Lahore. People of this city are living in a much more sheltered environment because of the security steps taken by Shahbaz Sharif, like Dolphin Force and latest technology in law enforcement agencies. He even showed me the social media pages of the Punjab government and their achievements because of a visionary leader like Shahbaz Sharif.

I got to know it was his devotion and hard work that gained the trust of foreign players and they participated in the cricket matches at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. Another example was the remarkable arrest of the suicide attacker under Shahbaz Sharif’s governance. Undoubtedly, Lahore is a much better place to live than Karachi.

The most inspiring thing is that this brave leader has the trust of Lahore. Indeed, his effective rule has made Punjab the safest province of Pakistan. I truly wish and pray that Shahbaz Sharif becomes the next Prime Minister of Pakistan and all the parts of the country follow his approach of governance.