If we can’t all swim together, we will sink. There is no Plan B because there is no Planet B.

–Ban Ki-Moon

The Koyoto Protocol is an international agreement which aims to reduce the level of hazardous emissions in the air. The agreement was developed in 1997 and came into effect into 2005. It recognized that the developed nations were responsible for the high level of green house gas emissions in the atmosphere. These gases were responsible for a number of environmental issues such as global warming. United Nations symbolically signed it on 12th November 1998. The agreement is important because for the first time nations had to commit to protect the environment of the world. Kyoto Protocol set the stage for future agreements on the protection of environment.

Environment has become one the most important issues of our time especially when we have the first hand experience of unprecedented level of smog in Pakistan. More international and national treaties are agreement are required to ensure that governments work actively towards the protection of environment in their respective countries. If we don’t work now there is no second chance.