In a careful measure, if 10 people out of 1000 people voluntarily donate blood donation, this ratio is reasonable for a healthy nation. Unfortunately, blood donation rates in Pakistan are less than one percent (1%). The rate of mortality has reached a serious extent. Basically, two reasons for reducing blood donation in Pakistan appears as:

1) The importance of donating blood cannot be reliable

2) The tendency of hepatitis B, C and HIV

Another major issue in this regard is that Pakistan is raising headlines that most of the “Blood Banks” are not registered, or not licensed. As a result of this, number of mortality rates is increasing.

According to a research, 75% hospitals present in Pakistan are lacking with presence of transparent or non-communal committees of blood or related substances. This leads to unnecessary and unhealthy blood transfusion. Consequently, serious illnesses such as AIDS and hepatitis is spreading and thus the mortality rate is skyrocketing.

The following guidelines can be presented for the solution of this dangerous problem:

1) Help from electronic and print media should be taken in order to highlight awareness about the blood transfusion, and programs and seminars should be initiated in different educational institutions.

2) Let people know the benefits of donating blood to save people from cardiac diseases, cancer and other deadly diseases.

3) Hygiene matters should be raised in hospitals and it should be considered as fundamental importance in the health policies of the government.


Lahore, October 30.