As highlighted by our Prime Minister, Pakistan is the seventh most vulnerable country in the world to global warming. The country is grappling with increased pollution which is a major contributor to climate change. In order to combat this grave issue, the movement to plant trees comes with a promise of a great future for our upcoming generations. State Minister for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul has also followed the PM’s lead and urged the citizens to become more environmentally-responsible.

The government’s Clean and Green Pakistan campaign is particularly praiseworthy in this regard. Said to be the harbinger of the one billion tree tsunami, the nationwide drive seems to have produced a domino effect visible in the multitude of green initiatives being undertaken by individuals and groups all over Pakistan. Not only have smaller groups such as students at local schools and colleges come together in advancing the green movement but authorities like The Capital City Police and Highway department as well as socially-responsible corporations such as Indus Motor Company that recently kick started its one million tree campaign and PTCL have also taken the front seat in this journey. As a concerned citizen, I am filled with delight to know that the seeds of change for a greener Pakistan are being sowed.

The need of the hour is a joint effort by each individual in our society to support the movement and play an active role in its fulfillment. It is perhaps time to refresh our understanding of the many ways in which trees can help in protecting our environment. Most importantly, trees hold the potential to absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gases from the air while releasing oxygen, in fact one large tree is said to supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people. Coupled with other social and community benefits, trees serve as a shield for many illnesses that are caused by dust. Therefore, such green initiatives should be supported with zeal and hope for betterment.


Karachi, October 29.