The provincial government of Sindh is taking huge strides in the improvement of the province. Under the guidance of the Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah, the government is working to introduce innovative measures to overcome the problems plaguing the province. The first initiative is banning the purchase of new vehicles for a period of three years. The government now wants its officers to take more responsibility for the vehicles provided to them. This initiative has stemmed from the lack of ownership that officers take and the maintenance costs that the government has to bear. This step will put more ownership of the vehicle on the officer and increase the sense of responsibility.

The second initiative is banning the use of plastic bags. Pollution is increasingly harming the environment and projects on a governmental level are required to curb its effects. Pakistan is bound to be adversely affected by the lack of policies which cater to the environment and one of the most harmful products in the environment is plastic. The government wants to ban its use but the policy has been made effective by dividing the process into phases because many in the market and common users also depend on plastic. They will push the use of plastic towards using paper bags and then implement the strategy of contacting the federal government to impose duties on the import of polythene bags.

The third initiative is targeting the health sector in the province and this involves offering postgraduate programmes like FSPS, MS, MD, Ph.D. in ortho surgery, neurosurgery, traumatology and emergency medicine. The Sindh Institute of Child Health And Neonatology would also establish its satellite centres like NICVD, serve as teaching hospital and offer diplomas in different fields. This will drastically improve the situation in the province because the health sector has been neglected for quite some time and not just in this province but in the country overall.

The last initiative is releasing 12 ailing and elderly prisoners on humanitarian grounds. Prison reforms are of the utmost importance especially in a system that aims to improve its judicial setup. The people of the province have waited for such initiatives for a long period of time. This will improve the social outlook of the society and direct it towards development and progress and give the people a sense of community and ownership of the government as well.