ISLAMABAD-Capital Development Authority Chairman Amir Ali Ahmed and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on CDA Affairs Ali Awan took officers of the civic body into confidence regarding possible restructuring.

The federal cabinet has approved the restructuring of CDA in its last meeting. According to a briefing prepared for the federal cabinet in this regards, the affairs of the civic body would be run through a board comprising on the member chosen from the private sector.

The officers of the authority were confused about the proposed restructuring and they were uncertain about the possible changes going to be happened in new set up.

However, to address their grievances, CDA chairman and Special Assistant to Prime Minister met with the officers of CDA and MCI at Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad.

The officers of CDA were briefed on the expected changes that are to come forth after restructuring process.

The participants were briefed about the broad outlines of the restructuring. They were informed that a new non-executive board would be formed in accordance with CDA ordinance and the principles of corporate governance.

The officers were informed that their line of promotions would not be disturbed and promotion prospects will remain same. Some of the officers raised their concerns about the restructuring process and the chairman CDA responded their questions.

He said that CDA needs to evolve and this is the first step while our goal should be to ensure service delivery. The officers were informed that the restructuring of CDA will take few months but the restructured board is a reality now.

According to information shared by the top guns, the civic bodies would be placed under the administrative control of mayor under new local government set up but Capital Development Authority and MCI would work as separate departments.

The powers of the members would be delegated to respective director generals and board would have only an advisory role not the executive. The new board would have a nine-member board - five from the private sector and four from the government sector that would be ex-officio members. The chairman of the authority will be amongst the private members.

Currently, the CDA board is the main decision making body which takes major decisions which are implemented by the board members being heads of various wings of the civic agency.

When questioned by the Nation, most of the CDA officers showed their reservation over restructuring process and declared it as confusing and they did not seem convinced with information shared by the high-ups.