Our country is going through unstable economic condition, unendurable inflation, continuous devaluation of Pakistani currency and steady rise in dollar which has now in control to some extent. All these factors are causing or forcing industries for downsizing their employees specifically in production subsequently in sales department. It was reported that Indus motors has recently shut down their manufacturing plant owing to lees demand of corolla vehicle which is definitely due to less purchasing power of masses.

Recently one of very famous pharmaceutical company has downsized their employees having almost two decades of working experience on their credit but owing to economic crises around 40 employees of top level to bottom have been sent home. It has already become hard for salaried persons to manage bread and butter for their family but having no job after serving for decades is not less than any nightmare.

Incumbent government which is verily look dam serious to pay country’s debt off should look into such downsizing and its valid reasons. It is better to start giving stipend to all such unemployed employees who have served reasonably well in any industry until they get a new job and recover looted public exchequer from corrupt politicians and bureaucrats so that economic condition becomes better enough so that no such downsizing take place in any organisation.