KARACHI    -   Allowing construction of Ram Temple at the site of Babri Masjid by Supreme Court of India has exposed real face of India, Sindh Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Muhammad Husain Mehanti said. The minorities in India are not secure while they feel insecurity practicing on their belief besides threat to their worship places, he maintained. Addressing a protest rally organised by JI South in front of Karachi Press Club, Mehanti said radicalism translates supremacy of Hinduism that has constricted lives of minorities including Muslims in India. Indian mind-set is peril to peace and stability in the region, he remarked. Indian government should ensure safety of life and property of Muslims as well as of other minorities while world human rights bodies should also play their due role for resolving rights of minorities in India, JI Sindh Ameer demanded. Dismantled Babri Masjid should be built on same place and 5-acre of land that was promised as alternative for Masjid be given for construction of a temple, he added. The protesters holding placards and banners inscribed with Hinduism unacceptable, temple on masjid place intolerable and Hindu extremism not acceptable were chanting slogans against Indian