LOS ANGELES-Kim Kardashian West is grateful her fans are ‘’super supportive’’ of her work in criminal justice reform.

The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star is training to be a lawyer and has also been campaigning for the release of a number of death row prisoners, and she’s thankful her new direction has won a lot of backing.

She said of her fans: ‘’I’m just so glad that they’ve followed all of us on our life journeys, whether you know it’s the life changes that we’ve made and for me getting so involved in justice reform.

It means a lot to me that they’re super supportive.’’

The 39-year-old star urged her fans to join her in her campaign to have 51-year-old Rodney Reed released from prison, where he is currently on death row in Texas after being convicted of raping and killing a woman in 1996, an allegation he not only denies but insists he has evidence to prove his innocence.

Kim told E! News: ‘’Seeing everyone rally around cases like Rodney Reed’s case that I’m so passionate about and getting people from both sides of the aisle to really come together and support something like a stay of execution from the governor of Texas...

‘’I’m so proud that the right and the left are working together and I’m proud that the fans are following this journey with me.’’