The main reason beyond global warming, eye, lungs, cancer and allergical diseases is every day increasing pollution in our environment. Undoubtedly, poultry, industrial products and other daily-used items are essential parts of our lives. Here questions arises, is not all this in other developing countries? Of course, they have numerous industrial units but having technical disposal system. They have strategy of management to re-use and recycle waste products by using 3R methodology to secure environment from hazardous and life threatening impact of air, water and noise pollution. Our beloved country Pakistan is rich in natural resources but poor in management.

Especially, the most populated cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Faisalabad, and Lahore have awful pollution problems industrial hub. Unfortunately, we just read environmental pollution in school colleges and university level. Some talented students have completed Ph.D as research analysis by founding solutions of this increasing population but nothing has been done as an act of implementation.

Large number of seminars are organised every year for awareness of environmental pollution and its solutions but unable to act upon, actions are louder then speeches,. Now, we need civic sense and an authoritative rule of compulsory law to devise, Pollution Control Strategy, to set up pollution free environment.