Look at the way how the Western world adopts double standards when it really comes to the question of talking and protecting human rights across the world? On the one hand, the whole Western world professes and preaches for upholding the human rights wherever they are violated; and on the other hand it maintains silence over the human rights violations that the Indian armed troops have been carrying out for the last seven decades in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) against the innocent Kashmiri Muslims.

This completely shows that the Western world does not care for the violation of human rights in those countries with whom it has strong economic interests/ties. Actually, the Western world does not want to lose the market of 1.2 billion people of India by criticizing the human rights violations in the IOK by the Indian federal government. Hence, economic interests of the Western world don’t allow them to talk against India on its gross human rights violations in the valley. Let’s see when and how the conscience of the Western world is awakened ?