A vaccine is something that works in opposition to the bacteria or viruses present in the animal or human body and kills them. All of those vaccines protect us and animals from many diseases. The vaccine is a specific thing which protect us from disease these vaccines will help us to prevent 25 or more dangerous diseases. Some diseases are included below.

Measels, polio, Tetanus or (chandni), meningitis, diptheria, influenza and cervical cancer.

The vaccine is made from dead or neutral bacteria or viruses from patient. Vaccination must be made in pets and other animals so they can avoid these dangerous diseases. Those animals vaccinated with the vaccine they do not spread disease anymore from one animal to another, nor do they spread from animal to human. Vaccines are administered in pets, especially dogs and cats. The dogs are labeled as Rabies. Rabies vaccine which eliminates the rabies virus from the dog’s body, which produces antibodies when the vaccine enters into the body. The particular vaccine Which play its role in eradicating this particular virus. But also other animals need vaccination to eradicate the disease.

Animals have a specific time to vaccinate, and each virus has a specific type of vaccine. For example: Foot and Mouth Disease, which occurs in cattles and goats, this disease vaccinated by (FMD) Vaccine. The other vaccine that is administered in dogs is the Anti-Rabies vaccine, which can be administered 10 to thirty cc (10-30 cc) in total in subcut. The vaccine does not count towards the season. This vaccine can be done in any time.

We need to vaccinate our animals before the disease season if the disease comes to the yard it will not harm our animals and the virus will not be affected.