ISLAMABAD - President Dr. Arif Alvi yesterday said that Pakistan is heading in the right direction, showing positive indicators in various sectors, including economy, law and order and social development.

Addressing the ICMA convocation here, he said the current account deficit has been successfully tackled and exports of the country are on the rise despite Covid-19. The President said the State had an important role in managing and diverting the wealth towards an across-the-board uplift of public. The President urged the business enterprises to honestly pay their taxes for national development. He said digitization of economy will lead to white economy.

He said Muslims will lead the world in morality, and the Muslim youth have an important role to play in this regard.

The President emphasized for ending elitism in education for socio-economic development.

He supported to make easy access to ‘knowledge and information’ especially for the underprivileged students.

He said distance learning and information technology can help ensure everyone's access to education.  He said Pakistan is working in this direction. Similarly, he said, health insurance programme has been launched in the country to provide the deserving families free health facility.

He said that the coronavirus pandemic had proved that progress in information technology sector was important for continuity of academics through online learning system. Keeping in view the access to education, the President said the government had offered immense scholarship opportunities to youth in the field of higher education. The President urged the graduates to play their active role in socio-economic development of the country.

Felicitating the graduates, he said, huge responsibility lay upon them to pay back to the nation, parents and teachers in shape of pursuing their practical lives with honesty and dedication.

He called upon them to be concerned about the advantage of consumers as well while performing their work on cost accounting and consultations on business matters.

On the situation of COVID-19 in the country, the President said the way Pakistani nation demonstrated a unified approach in countering the challenge was commendable.

As a public message, he advised to continue follow the Standard Operating Procedures as the only effective way to be safe from the disease.

The President said Pakistan has also overcome the challenge of terrorism while extremism and polarization are rising in India.