KARACHI - Opposition leader in Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi on Wednesday said that despite the passage of three months, the Sindh government had not yet submitted its quarterly budget report. 

Addressing a press conference, he said that the Sindh government had so far not provided any information on how much money was spent on which project. The first quarter was completed in September but now the month of November has come, but so far no report of the first quarter has come. 

Firdous Shamim Naqvi further said that they needed to know what the Sindh government had promised in the budget, and how much of the money allocated for the projects had now been spent. 

The Sindh government did not present a single quarterly budget report in the Assembly last year.  The Sindh government first refused to give the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and after that it was not even submitting the budget progress report. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is in power for 12 years but it has not been able to fix its system. 

The case of the PAC shows how much the claimants of democracy believe in democracy. 

The PPP asks for Public Accounts Committee in the National and Punjab Assemblies but does not give it in the Sindh Assembly. 

He further said that the manner in which the government of Pakistan had taken the whole country on the issue of corona was commendable. The whole world is praising our government today. 

“We are aware that the people are worried about inflation but at the moment there are positive results for the recovery of the economy,” he maintained and remarked that “the value of the dollar is going down and exports are increasing. Our industrial sector is moving towards success. There are abundant reserves of flour and sugar but it is the responsibility of the provincial government to control the prices.”

Firdous Shamim Naqvi added that a joint announcement of Rs1,100 billion for the Karachi Transformation Plan was made in September. 

Federal Minister Asad Umar has been reporting on the work of the federation. The responsibility of K4 in the project has been given to WAPDA, Ministry of Railways, Circular Railway, NDMA for garbage collection and responsibility for drains and overhead bridges has been given to Sindh government. 

He claimed that the Sindh government was going to remove the IG itself because they had laid hands on the people who were special to Zardari. 

On the occasion, Sindh assembly member Bilal Ghaffar said that Murad Ali Shah had also been the finance minister of the province for 12 years. 

Last year, the Sindh government saw a major failure in tax collection, he said adding that they demand that the PAC be announced immediately so that the budget could reach UC level.