ISLAMABAD-The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) foiled two different bids to smuggle two stolen cars from Islamabad and Murree to Peshawar and arrested a car lifter in injured condition on Tuesday.

The stolen vehicles were handed over to Islamabad and Murree police which returned the vehicles to the owners.  Separate cases were registered against the accused. 

A spokesman of NHMP told media that Noon police alerted motorway police that a Surf vehicle was stolen by auto-theft gang from capital.  On this, he said, NHMP enhanced vigilance and started checking all the vehicles. He said a team of motorway police spotted the stolen car near Col Sher Khan Interchange and tried to stop it but the car lifters did not stop it. He said police chased the vehicle briefly and the car lifters started firing on police near Peshawar Toll Plaza. Resultantly, one accomplice of car lifters sustained bullet injuries with firing opened by car lifters.

He said police held the injured car lifter and shifted him to hospital. Later, the vehicle was handed over to Islamabad police. A case has been registered against the accused while further investigation was on. Similarly, NHMP have recovered yet another stolen vehicle in IMDC Beat in 31 South on Murree Expressway.

However, the car lifter managed to escape in the thick forest. According to a spokesman, a road user alerted Tiger 3 at Massyari 45 South that his car was stolen from Shiwala Murree in front of his house. Taking action, DIG NHMP Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja ordered their teams to beef up security and catch the car lifter. He said Senior Patrolling Officer Gul Anar tried to stop the vehicle but the driver sped away towards Islamabad. He said the car lifter stopped car at 31 South location and ran away in thick forest.

“Original number plates were found from inside the vehicle by the Tiger 2 Crime Squad and Falcon,” he said adding that a search operation was also being conducted in the forest to arrest the fleeing robber.

The stolen car was handed over to Murree Police by the NHMP.

Meanwhile, DIG NHMP Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja has announced cash prize and commendatory certificates for the police teams.