ISLAMABAD-Clever seagulls time their foraging to match human schedules — and have figured out that school breaks are one of the best times to hunt for food, a study found. Researchers from Bristol fitted GPS tracker backpacks to 12 lesser black-backed gulls to observe where they went throughout the day to forage for food.In addition, the team observed the number of gulls who visited three different locations across the city — which were a public park, a school and a waste centre.The team found that the birds’ foraging patterns were closely matched to the timing of school breaks as well as the opening and closing times of the waste centre.Whereas their activity in the public park appeared to correspond with the availability of natural food sources — such as insects and earthworms.The findings suggest that gulls have the flexibility to adapt their foraging behavior to best benefit from human schedules — and allow them to thrive in cities.’Our first day at the school, the students were excited to tell us about the gulls visiting their school at lunchtime’, said paper author and biologist Anouk Spelt of the University of Bristol.