PESHAWAR - Peshawar police here on Sunday netted at least 130 Afghan refugees in an operation launched the other day after the suicide car bomb blast in which 54 people had so far been killed and 120 other injured. The operation launched against the refugees was carried out in different parts of the provincial metropolis and 14 prayer leaders (Pesh Imam) were stated to be among the arrested. Police high-ups said that cases would be registered against these apprehended Afghans refugees under section 14 of the Foreigners Act and later they would be deported. Not only this, police mostly raided various hotels and restaurants and arrested dozens of suspected people. They said that police had got the engine number of the car used in the Soekarno Square suicide attack the other day. The police sources said that after getting the engine number, police have now started search of the person to whom the car used in the suicide attack belonged. They said that the operation launched against the refugees would continue, as they had arrested several suspected people during this operation who had been interrogated.