ANGELINA Jolie wants partner Brad Pitt to clean up his image. The actress apparently feels Pitt is starting to let himself go - and his nicknamed him Billy Goat Gruff because he is always scruffy and unshaven. Brad originally won Angie over with his sharp-dressed appearance and good grooming, a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. But four years and six kids into their relationship, Brad has allowed himself to fall victim to middle-aged schlubbiness. When Angelina saw pictures of Brad at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in mid-September, she thought he looked hideous. His beard is so unkempt now that she cant even touch him with hand, and she started calling him 'Billy Goat Gruff to shame him into getting rid of it. Angleina has now called on Brads favourite designer, Tom Ford, to help with a fashion makeover. Angie called Tom personally and handpicked thousands of dollars worth of casual and dress-up clothes for Brad, added the friend. Shes desperate to get the old, stylish Brad back.