The British intelligence MI6 turned hundred on September 3. Ben Macintyre stated in his article: The British aptitude for espionage says a lot about our national character - for good and ill in the Times of the same date as how one of the most effective spy networks was established when Navy Commander Mansfield Cumming had first walked into the secret service office. Hundred years is a long time for a secret service to hone its skill to almost an art form. Macintyre had earlier written when the British put their minds to lyingnobody does it better. The CIA in comparison was established in 1942; hence its a tadpole to compete with its British counterpart. However, both are operating hand in glove with each other against the Taliban in Afghanistan and losing. Americans had no first hand experience of facing the Afghans before they invaded Afghanistan; but the British should have learnt from their past history when Dr William Brydon in the Afghan War of 1842 had turned up as the sole survivor after the British force had been massacred by the tribesmen. Macintyre goes on to talk of the British habit of saying one thing, and feeling or knowing something else. Tony Blair by his theatrics elaborately demonstrated British this habit when he ordered MI6 to 'sex up the dossier on Iraqs never-existent weapons of mass destruction. British intelligence had woven a treacherous web of deceit and falsehood during the World War II. One of its undercover operatives, Kim Philby among its ring of deception did one better by crossing over to Russia in 1963. He also had remained MI6 topman under diplomatic cover in Washington. So accomplished was he in the black art of espionage that Stalin doubted him for being a triple agent. However, the Russians honoured him with the rank of colonel. Philby died in 1988 and was buried in a military cemetery in Moscow. The war on terror remains a monumental fabrication of the British and American intelligence supported by the western media. Neither most of the 41 countries, which have sent their troops or aid workers to Afghanistan, agree with the US agenda in the region nor do they believe that the Afghans were in any way involved in the attacks on the US mainland. Not a day passes when we dont hear the Taliban or Osama bin Laden surfacing in new locations. Another scam is that Mullah Umar and Taliban shura are operating from Quetta. I recall having written an article in this newspaper immediately after 9/11 that bin Laden would never be declared dead; instead, he would be marched from one country to another that the US wanted to strike. President Obamas latest assertion that the next attack on the US would emanate from Pakistan is a blend of fake intelligence reports to support imperial designs in the region. Many of us have cautioned against playing second fiddle to US interests that have little to do with the War on Terror or the Taliban, but more to exploit energy resources of the Central Asian states and to dominate the region by its military presence. The focus of military activity, therefore, is around the arc linking CAS-Afghanistan-FATA-Balochistan (Gwadar); hence, Admiral Mullens intention to strike Quetta to destabilise the province. It reminds one of Hitlers cabal of whom a historian wrote: Lying was their profession. The writer is a freelance columnist. Email: