LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that all the four provinces will have to work jointly for the welfare of 16 crore people and progress of Pakistan. He said that our joys and sorrows are common and prosperity of any one province cannot be called prosperity of the whole country, therefore, national resources will have to be utilized equitably. He said that such projects should be launched which have consensus of the four provinces and could result in promotion of mutual brotherhood and harmony. The CM believed that young generation could ensure a bright future for the country by equipping itself with the latest knowledge. He expressed the confidence that youth will spare no effort in fulfilling its responsibility, however, there is a need to utilize maximum resources on the education and training of young generation. He expressed these views while talking to a 20-member delegation of position-holder students of different examinations from Sindh province which is on a visit to Punjab at his invitation at Chief Ministers Secretariat. The delegation during his visit to Punjab also went to Murree, Nathiagali, historical places of Lahore and different educational institutions. The students were also presented guard of honour in Murree in acknowledgement of their hard work. The Chief Minister while talking to the delegation said that Sindh province has deep-rooted tradions of love, brotherhood and amity and it has played an important role in the creation of Pakistan. He said that Sindh is the land of poets, Sufis and folk artists and it has a unique culture. He said that the city of Quaid (Karachi) is the gateway of Pakistan and a hub of economic activities while Larkana , Hyderabad and other cities also have a distinctive importance. Shahbaz said that Punjab government was inviting position holder students of different examinations from all the three provinces for their encouragement and in addition to arranging their visit to historical places of Lahore, Nathiagali and Murree, they are also being presented guard of honour. He said that guard of honour was the right of talented girl and boy students of the country and they were being given the protocol of VVIPs. He said that Government House Murree which was reserved for the President, Prime Minister and other prominent personalities was now being made available for the stay of talented students. He said that inter provincial visits of students will result in promotion of mutual harmony and brotherhood among the provinces and removal of misunderstandings. He said that Pakistan is a federation and all the four provinces are its units. He said that there is a need to make collective efforts for ensuring a bright future for the country. The CM said that due to wrong policies of the last 62 years, the country could not achieve the aim of progress and prosperity as was envisioned by Quaid e Azam and Alama Muhammad Iqbal. He said that we developed the habit of depending on others instead of relying on our own resources due to which our freedom and dignity is being undermined today and it is a matter of concern for the whole nation. He said that instead of begging from others we will have to live within our own resources. He said that we imported oil worth billions of rupees for the generation of energy but did not benefit from the coal reserve in Sindh and Punjab which are the best source of power generation. He said that today Pakistan is facing a shortfall of 5000MW of electricity which is badly affecting all sectors including industries and trade. He said in order to cope with this challenge we will have to start such projects upon which all provinces have a consensus. He said that revolutionary measures are being taken for the improvement of education sector in Punjab. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund has been set up for the talented students facing financial problems in continuing their educational activities, he added. He said that Punjab government had eliminated Booti mafia and abolished self-finance scheme for upholding rights of deserving students. The Chief Minister said that he is thankful to government of Sindh for sending talented students on a visit to Punjab. He said that students of Punjab had been sent to Sindh while 20 position-holder students had been sent on a study tour of Germany and Britain. He advised the students to focus all their attention on science and technology and other such subjects for playing an active role in the progress of the country. The students thanked Punjab Chief Minister and described their tour as memorable. They said that they will never forget the honour and respect given to them on the visit. They said that such visits will play an important role in promoting inter-provincial harmony and national solidarity. Later, the Chief Minister gave prizes to the students.