ISLAMABAD (APP) - The demand for used computers is on the rise in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi because of high prices of new brand computers. The second hand computer stockholders are selling monitors, mouse and other second hand accessories at various shopping malls and corners of the provincial metropolis to attract the visitors. Shoppers roam the markets, checking out the varieties in different designs and quality. Due to pressing demands of children, most of the parents reluctantly visit markets for second hand computers and other toys. The shopkeepers have displayed a variety of equipment to attract the customers. A second hand computer stall owner, Anzar Malik told the agency that most of the people preferred to buy second hand accessories and computers from his shop as the prices are not affordable for new computers. He said most students depend on second hand computers, because the new computer required more money so the students get these from the second hand computer markets. Another resident Majid said Rawalpindi is the hub of second hand electronics items and people always preferred to get any workable item from the stock. He said that dozens of shops of second hand computers were available in different markets of the city.