ISLAMABAD - Pointing out serious irregularities and alleged corruption in National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior, Senator Talha Mahmood has sought a written explanation from its chairman. In a letter exclusively available with TheNation, Senator Talha Mahmood has raised many stunning questions regarding alleged malpractice in NADRA. The Committee had asked about the interviews for the posts of Assistant Manager and Senior Executive of NADRA that were held on 29th and 30th July 2009. It is reported that merit has not been strictly followed for holding interviews. The candidates who secured higher marks were ignored and not called for interview. The reason for such discrepancy may be submitted to the committee within 15 days, Senate Standing Committee on Interior demanded in the letter (No F.10(1)/2009.c.). The blank attestation forms were being sold in the open market, which was the sole confidential property of NADRA. The committee desired that investigation in this connection of pilferage of official papers. The letter reveals that different salary packages were offered to the Deputy General Manager Muhammad Jahangir, Director Faisal Yaqoob and Deputy Director Call Centre Danish. Therefore, complete details of salary packages of other employees may also be provided along with its justification to the committee. The committee had further asked about the services of two officials namely Mumtaz Khan and Abid Rafiq who were terminated and reappointed by the NADRA authorities. The reason for reappointment and names of the persons on whose recommendation they were reconsidered should be submitted to the committee. It had also demanded the details of other officials who were terminated and reappointed on a similar basis. The Senate Standing Committee on Interior in its letter had demanded the details regarding procurement procedures for purchase of Smart Card Machines including cost, manufacturer and present price in the international market. The committee in its letter quoted that NADRA had purchased these machines 3-4 times higher from international market price so that the NADRA official should define its reason. It also showed serious apprehension regarding out-sourcing and management of database, therefore steps taken to maintain the security to limit its access to unwarranted sources should be submitted to the committee. The committee in the letter also pointed out that the CNIC cards were being issued merely on the production of the applicant. The following CNIC Form No. AN-00102082 has been issued ID card without fulfilling all the formal formalities such as personal appearance of the applicant, letter stated. It further demanded the detailed reasons and the number of similar cases disposed off in the past. The letter also disclosed that NADRA was reportedly getting different fee charges for similar and different profiles. Committee in the letter had asked about the three ID card numbers that were 61101-5618295-9, 17101-6915124-6 and 37405-0335558-0 who were charged only Rs.1000 per person instead of Rs.10,000 per person for altering details on their of NIC cards. The committee has also asked for the details of similar cases after adopting new policy by NADRA. The committee had further asked about the unauthorised attestation of the forms that was being done by the officers of NADRA where as such attestations were violations of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). A list of such form numbers was also attached with the letter. The Senate Standing Committee on Interior in its letter had also demanded the reasons for the increase of staff members in the printing / production department and also took notice on outstanding amount of Rs 700 million against Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan and desired that the outstanding amount might be retrieved.