ISLAMABAD - The Acting President of Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE) Zahid Malik has taken a serious note of targeting Geo TV on Saturday by some functionaries of the government and warned them that any attempt to gag the voice of free media would be fiercely resisted. He said that blocking of Geo and some other TV channels by the PPP government on the pretext of objectionable coverage of the savage attack by the terrorists on GHQ was most condemnable and hence unacceptable, says a statement issued here on Sunday. Zahid pointed out that in this age of 21st century, any move to gag print media or attempt to control the waves of the electronic media was foolish and ridiculous. It would speak volumes of the mental bankruptcy of the functionaries. The President of the CPNE in his statement emphasised what was most horrible and worrisome was the attempt made by some functionary to make a telephonic call to Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, the owner of Geo and CEO of Jang Group of Publications, and speak to him in somewhat threatening tone. Mir Shakil is a symbol and torchbearer of the freedom of press, therefore, any attempt to harass him in any way will be taken by the CPNE as a threat to all owners of TV channels, publishers, editors and journalists community of Pakistan, Zahid warned. He pointed out that the media of Pakistan had been supportive, on the whole, of the governments determination to wipe out militancy from this country of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, therefore, showing clips of the GHQ attack by Geo could not be construed to have caused harm to the Armys operation against the misguided, foreign-trained attackers on the GHQ. He pointed out that the CPNE might convene a joint meeting of the TV channel owners, publishers, editors and the PFUJ leadership to discuss the matter and work out a joint response of the media if such incidents of media harassment continued to occur.