DUBLIN (AFP) - An Irish republican paramilitary group responsible for dozens of murders during three decades of violence in Northern Ireland has renounced its armed struggle, its political wing said Sunday. The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA)s renunciation of violence came as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Dublin, from where she was due to travel to Belfast later in the day. The Republican Socialist Movement has been informed by the INLA that following a process of serious debate... it has concluded that the armed struggle is over, said Martin McMonagle of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the INLAs political wing. The objective of a 32-county socialist republic will be best achieved through exclusively peaceful political struggle, he added, referring to the aim of a united Ireland, including the British province of Northern Ireland. The statement made at a ceremony in Bray, outside Dublin, made no mention of decommissioning weapons. The INLAs highest-profile attack was the 1979 murder of the British Conservative Partys Northern Ireland spokesman Airey Neave - a close advisor of future prime minister Margaret Thatcher. He was killed after the INLA planted a bomb under his vehicle in the House of Commons underground car park in London.