LAKKI MARWAT - A tribal lashkar demolished houses of three wanted militants here at Shahdikhel area on Sunday. Sources said that before launching the demolition activity, the elders of Bhettani tribe in a meeting vowed that they would not allow anyone to destroy the peace of tribal region. Security officials, sources said, had told a representative jirga of Bhetanni tribe a day earlier (Saturday) that they had no plan to launch military operation in the tribal area, calling upon the jirga members to form a lashkar and take action against the militants. The elders reiterated their determination that they would extend all-out support to the security forces for maintenance of peace and ensure writ of the government. They said that the tribesmen would not allow anyone to disturb peace in the area. The anti-peace and anti-state elements are the enemies of our homeland, they maintained, saying that the tribal lashkar would not allow the militants to use their soil for sabotage acts. Later the lashkar men razed the houses of three wanted militants in the presence of political authorities and personnel of Khasadar Force, the sources added.