PIXIE Lott wants to duet with Mariah Carey. The 'Boys and Girls singer was inspired by Mariah to pursue a music career when she was younger and she would love to collaborate with her idol. She said: When I was growing up, Mariah Carey was always one of my favourite singers. She made me want to get into music and helped me develop my singing. I would definitely like to emulate her, because she is such a big talent and is so driven. I would love to meet her and if I ever got the chance to do a duet with her that would be nice as well Although the 18-year-old British star enjoys fame and chart success, she shuns showbiz parties for low-key nights out in her hometown. Pixie told New magazine: It is cool to get dressed up and go out somewhere nice with your friends for a meal, I would still rather go to Nandos IOL