ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Rehman Malik left for Singapore in the wee hours of Sunday from Lahore, to attend the 78th Interpol Ministerial meeting while the hostage crisis was continuing at the GHQ. During the morning of the crisis he was also in Lahore. The meeting was scheduled from Oct. 11-12 that would be followed by Interpol General Assembly session till October 15. The officials in the Interior Ministry informed that the visit was of great importance as Director General FIA Tariq Khosa was one of the contenders for the slot of Interpol Executive Committee membership to be elected during the current Interpol General Assembly meeting and for that reason Khosa was accompanying the Interior Minister. The Interior Minister would address the conference and would share his views on growing need for international policing with the specific aim to curb the menace of terrorism confronting the whole world. He will however cut short his visit in the backdrop of murky law and order situation in the country where the terrorists had crashed into the defense line of Armed Forces Headquarters in Rawalpindi. According to the officials, the interior minister would attend only ministerial meeting while he would have to skip the General Assembly session in order to return early. Earlier the session which started on Sunday morning was inaugurated by Deputy PM of Singapore Wong Kan Seng followed by the address of Interpol Secretary General Ronald K Noble. Mr Seng mentioned that Pakistan is a major victim of war on terror and the related problems it is facing. During his visit, Rehman Malik held meetings with heads of delegations from Australia, United States and UN under Secretary General.