ISLAMABAD (APP) - A large number of population of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi glued to their TV sets to keep themselves informed about the terrorists attack near General Headquarters (GHQ). The continuous updates provided by a number of local and international electronic channels roused viewers interest into one of the major incidents of its kind. Besides, local media, the international media outlets including British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), CNN, Sky News and Al-Jazeera highlighted the event. The local electronic channels during the whole episode which started from 11:30am on Saturday and concluded early on Sunday, broadcast the live footage from the scenes, interviews of the experts, ex-servicemen, general public and politicians and arranged special programmes. A large number of viewers told the agency that they had left their daily routine and sat before TV sets to get latest updates. They also appreciated the role played by local media in keeping them abreast of the latest outcome with positive approach towards menace of terrorist and extremism. Terrorists in their cowardly attempt tried to inflict harm to our armed forces who are fully prepared to take on these elements with full cooperation of nation and media, Zubair Malik, a resident of Islamabad opined. The Pakistani media has been developed unprecedented and matured with passage of time and their positive approach during the terrorists attack on security check posts near GHQ and other major terrorists attacks in Peshawar in the recent past, have been acknowledged by the viewers, Mohamma Saleem, a Capital based journalist said.