LAHORE-The PML-Q leader Senator Salim Saifullah Khan on Sunday stressed upon the government to take up the issue of Kerry-Lugar Bill with US administration to remove the controversial clauses, which are against countrys national interest. Addressing a news conference along with other PML-Q leaders, former Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, Secretary General Humayun Akhtar Khan, and MNA Kashmala Tariq, Saifullah advised the government to keep national interest supreme over all other considerations and put up a bold face vis-a-vis US government to get the controversial clauses removed from that legislation. He was confident that US will have to give in before Pakistans demands, as it needed Pakistan the most to continue the war against terrorism. He believed that Pakistan army was effectively fighting the war on terror within limited resources, and no other army could match its performance. Despite spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan, the US and Nato forces had failed to achieve any significant success against the Taliban, he added. He said $ 7.5 billion aid by the US, and that too over a period of five years was like 'peanuts compared to around $ 35 billion loss Pakistan has suffered in the war against terrorism since 19/11 both in terms of men and material. He said Pakistan army had dismantled terrorists network in Swat and Malakand within few months, which was a great achievement. Now that Pakistani troops were going to launch operation in Waziristan, the US should support them instead of imposing conditional ties. He said US was also dependent on Pakistan for provision of logistic support to Nato forces as Afghanistan was a landlocked country. Speaking on the occasion, Khurshid Kasuri said he had just returned Balochistan and observed complete in the province. He said he witnessed no sign of any separatist movement there. He, however, conceded that Balochistan had been ignored in the past and the government should grievances of Baloch people on priority. Kasuri suggested that new NFC Award should be based on poverty, area and backwardness besides giving due share to Balochistan in the national resources. He said being the founding party of Pakistan, the PML-Q leadership has decided to visit Balochistan every three months to protect the rights of Baloch people. The former FM lauded professional competence the military commandoes who took part in rescuing the hostages at GHQ on Sunday morning.