LAHORE - Due to rising trends towards higher education among the youth, the private colleges, institutes and universities are making booming business from new admissions with inflated tuition fee in the session 2009-10. Due to restricted seats in public sector colleges and universities, only one third of the applicants could get admission in it, while the rest of the students either discard their plans to get higher education or take admission in the private institutions at inflated tuition fee which is three times higher than the government sector. The limited seats and lack of double shifts at a number of government colleges and universities, the private institutions are making roaring business from heavy tuition fee, which is beyond the affordable limit of many students. The admission ratio in private schools and colleges during the recent years particularly in the year 2009 has become almost double, as from 20 per cent of students in private institutions, a few years ago, has now risen to 40 per cent. According to educationists, there are two major reasons behind limited seats at public sector institutes. Either it is due to the lack of planning and awareness at the higher level or it is because of the vested interests of government institutions. It is also ironic that universities hesitate to increase seats in the affiliated colleges in government sector but easily allow affiliation to private colleges in demand driven Commerce, Accounting, Medical and Engineering disciplines without following the proper procedure. According to an estimate, almost same number of students can be enrolled in the second shift in 430 government colleges as in the morning shift at Intermediate, BA, BSc and MA, MSc levels but the second shifts are working only in a few colleges. Moreover, there is also no recruitment criterion of teachers for the second shift nor there are any rules and regulation for their remuneration, service matters and so on. The rationalisation of second shift could greatly eliminate the sufferings of candidates seeking admission in government institutions at affordable tuition fee. The private institutes, in general education, absorb students after the admissions are closed in government colleges at intermediate level, graduate level and now in the engineering and medical colleges respectively. There are 16 medical colleges in the private sector, which will enrol 15,000 to 20,000 students of FSc, pre-medical, who failed to get admission in the government medical colleges. The medical, engineering and technology colleges in the private sector have opened admission to the students and the process will be completed towards the end of this month. Even the admission for Matriculates in the FSc, new group of technologies have also started. These FSc, include FSc, Medical Technology, Physiotherapy, Dental Hygienist, Operation Theatre, Ophthalmology and Medical Imaging two years programme and BSc in Physiotherapy, Medical Technology, D Pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician and Paramedical Diploma courses, B Tech in technology colleges and BCom and MCom in Commerce and Accounting are also still continuing.