SHARON Stone nearly killed herself making 'Casino. The actress didnt eat for a week before filming a crucial scene because she was so desperate to impress director Martin Scorsese by looking skinny and out of it. Recalling her preparation for the role - which saw her nominated for the 1995 Best Actress Academy Award - Sharon said: I nearly actually physically killed myself making 'Casino We did the death scene on the last day because Scorsese knew I wanted to get just so completely skinny and out of it. In the final week I didnt eat, I didnt do anything, I just made myself a complete wreck so that I could get skinny, skinny, skinny, skinny and down to nothing. I lost so much weight. Since she entered her 50s, Sharon is far more relaxed about her body and thinks she is getting more beautiful with every year. IOL The 51-year-old blonde star explained to Prestige magazine: You should just be confident and comfortable and at ease and OK to be attractive in middle age as a woman. Its fun. And not a big deal. IOL