Nobel Peace Prize, unlike the Nobel Prize in any of the scientific disciplines, was never a very non-political or non-controversial. It was therefore not much of a surprise, nor any added feather in eyes of the non-western world, when Barack Obama got one. The words 'Nobel and 'Peace might still have a glitter, but peace prizes in politics are given these days only for doing some service to the imperial powers, or usually when a future favour is to be extracted from somebody to advance the imperial agenda. Being a prize of western origin, Nobel Peace Prize cannot go to any Muslims except someone like Anwer Sadaat for dumping the Palestine issue. Award of Nobel Prize to Obama would probably not even delay sending of the American troops to Afghanistan for a few weeks, such being the nature of politics and the lightness of being of the Prize itself. It might rather hasten sending of troops in the name of 'peace troops. In brief, it means nothing. A white President of USA after Bush might have been more secure and more assertive in ending wars taking place in the world. But Barack Obama is a Neocons dream come true. He has to reassure America about continuity of killing of Muslims every day in order to prove he is one of them. -M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, October 10.