A massive car explosion took place in Peshawar on Friday killing as many as 50 people and injuring more than a hundred. Although the government claims to have strengthened its security measures all over the country, two successive suicide bomb attacks in Islamabad and now one in Peshawar seem to have created an atmosphere of insecurity in the country again. While the government is preparing to root out the militants from Waziristan and Afghan border, Taliban leaders are firm in their resolve to strike back with these suicide attacks in the major cities of Pakistan. Our government seems to be grappling with a threat that shows no signs of abating. Civil liberties of Pakistani citizens are at stake. It is, naturally, giving rise to many questions in the minds of our people. How long will it take for our military to get rid of these terrorists? How long would the innocent people of Pakistan keep facing the threat of insecurity and terror? How many further lives would be claimed until it reaches its extermination? Is there no permanent solution to the problem? The government does need to eradicate the threat of violence quickly through improved security measures and should pursue both its military operations and fruitful negotiations. However, it is highly improbable to have a permanent solution to the problem till we, the citizens of Pakistan, unite against it. It is time for us to realize that terrorism is a common threat for all. We must defeat it irrespective of our beliefs and ideologies as we have no choice but to defend ourselves. -MUHAMMAD IRFAN, Lahore, October 10.