One of the eminent figures in sports in Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Ali Shah used his authority and power, and ruled out what was decided already. It was decided almost one month ago that gold medallist of the 2006 CW games Shuja Malik will carry the flag of Pakistani contingent in the opening ceremony of Delhi Common Wealth games. But Muhammad Ali shah chef de mission ignored all the instructions, rules and honored himself as most deserving person for leading Pakistani contingent. In the video clip it is very obvious that Dr Ali Shah is snatching the flag from the weightlifter and leading the contingent while carrying the flag. However, Shuja Maliks name was announced from the mike and his name was also flashing on a big screen installed in stadium as the leader of the Pakistani contingent. PM has ordered a thorough inquiry, but above facts prove Dr Muhammad Ali shah guilty so there is no need of inquiry. We have already thousands of inquiries in pending. So it is time to punish the man who has embarrassed the nation for the sake of self-publicity. ZAHID RASHID, Azad Kashmir, October 6.