Political parties headed by defaulters, criminals and traitors is not a novel phenomenon for us, but what is unique about the emergence of a new one on the periphery of the political arena is the sheer audacity of a (in the words of Swift) repugnant, odious and pernicious vermin trying to pass as a patriot, forgetting his denouement from power to the abyss of unbearable loathing from the masses. That the Kashmir issue had ever neared to a peacefully acceptable resolution under his dictatorship is but a dream and the most unbelievable fabrication that a mind could concoct. The chaos and confusion that Kashmir has now become owes its origin to his treacherous manipulations that strengthened the Indian occupation over the valley as his current controversial statement adds to the misery of the Kashmiris and the contempt that the Pakistani feel towards him. His choice of diction would definitely not earn him the goodwill that a politician craves? Whose interest is he serving as he sits in a foreign land with no roots in Pakistan and criticizes the leaders? Who is he trying to fool as he makes such false claims against the Pakistani state? Or should I say who is he trying to please as he adopts the western rhetoric against his own country? MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH, Islamabad, October 7.