Those who have ruled this country since 1956 have made every effort to distort Quaid-i-Azams vision for Pakistan. It is unfortunate that nothing significant has been done to protect Quaids legacy and concoct our recent history. Look at the fate of Quaids motto of unity, faith and discipline. Ayub Khan destroyed any concept of unity, by sowing seeds of mistrust between East and West Pakistan and reducing the majority of former East Pakistan through his One Unit and Basic Democracies system. Zia-ul-Haq destroyed faith and replaced it with hypocrisy and deceit. Musharraf destroyed our discipline by institutionalizing corruption, promoting ethnicity, usurping the constitution twice and destroying all institutions of the state through blatant abuse of power. Today we are reaping the whirlwind of betraying our founding fathers legacy by all these military rulers and political opportunists. Today, corruption is rampant and laws are flouted. While, lawlessness and insecurity haunt the citizens, our sovereignty is at stake. MALIK T ALI, Lahore, October 10.