Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) remanded five alleged terrorists of TTP to police for seven days. The accused were arrested for possessing huge cache of arms with intent of terrorism in capital three days ago. The team was performing duty at Taramri Chowk when they signalled a suspected vehicle to stop. The occupant of the vehicle tried to flee the scene upon seeing the police team but the policemen managed to stop it after a brief chase. On search of the car, police recovered two missiles, one suicide jacket and two hand grenades, besides arresting the car occupant and impounding the vehicle. Besides police recovered huge cache of deadly arms from spot. Police recovered a total of 90 brain paralysing injections, four suicide jackets, 12 hand grenades, 16 rocket fuses and 14 missiles and nabbed a person during raid. This is yet another alarming incident that happened in the capital city. The brain paralysing injections are the main cause that facilitate the suicide bomber, suicide bombers are not born they are brainwashed through these injections. The government should look into this matter and halt the production of such injections. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, October11.